“Kate Middleton Country”

The Kate Middleton Country Tour

Members of the international press are seen interviewing each other in this picture, taken in Stanford Dingley along the “Kate Middleton Country Tour.”

My story about the tour appeared in The Edmonton Journal‘s Travel section the week before the Royal Wedding.

Here’s a snapshot of the top:

“In Kate Middleton Country — a collection of tiny south England villages centred on the future princess’s family home in Upper Bucklebury — it’s no longer unusual to find television cameras in local pubs, or to hear patrons being asked when they last saw Prince William.

Keen international and national interest in Middleton’s life in the West Berkshires, about 85 km west of London, is seen by some in the upper-middle-class communities as intrusive and irritating. But for others, it’s just good business.

For John Haley, owner of the Old Boot Inn in Stanford Dingley and an invited wedding guest, it seems the onslaught of reporters and tourists is both good and bad. ‘We never realized it (would) be anything like this,’ he said. ‘We knew that there was going to be some media around, but it’s just phenomenal, it’s just amazing. Every day, every day.’ …”

For the rest of the story, click here.

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