Alberta’s Pipeline System

My last major project for The Edmonton Journal was published on 7 July 2012 — on A1, “Recent Alberta spills put pipeline safety under the microscope” and on C1, “How safe are our pipelines?; Government, industry keep records of spills, but measuring risk is difficult.” 

Northern Gateway

As hearings into the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway project got underway in British Columbia and Alberta in 2012, I wrote a series of stories which appeared primarily in The Journal and, often, in a handful of other newspapers including The Vancouver Sun.

“The Birth of Ethical Oil”

My first major project as The Journal‘s new environment reporter was a 2011 examination of “ethical oil.” In unpacking an emerging brand, we asked what part “ethical oil” might play in Canada’s oilsands debate. These pieces kicked off further local and national discussion, from our own Letters page to CBC’s The Current. You’ll find links and the top of my story here.

“The New North”

In the summer of 2008, Edmonton Journal photographer Bruce Edwards and I spent two weeks in the Northwest Territories, looking at how a place that is a centre of concern for those studying climate change is itself changing under the world’s gaze.

“Kids in the Mall”

The story of how one teenage girl was slain in 2005 is believed to have started with an everyday encounter in the world’s largest mall. Three years later, I and my crime beat colleagues produced a three-day series investigating mall culture.

“The Recruits”

In 2007, I worked with my colleagues on the crime beat to produce a series of stories about how Edmonton’s police, firefighters and paramedics were recruiting people in the highly competitive environment created by Alberta’s oil boom.

“107th: A World in One Avenue”

You won’t actually find my writing in this series, but it’s one of the coolest projects and stories of Edmonton I’ve ever been part of telling — this time as a project coordinator.

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