Journalism futures

I’ve published two pieces this fall that take up questions of the future of journalism in Canada, both written since the latest announcement of another round of Postmedia buyouts and Rogers Communications Inc.’s decision to scale back its magazine printing schedules.

My review of Vivian Smith’s (2015) book, Outsiders Still: Why Women Journalists Love–And Leave–Their Newspaper Careers, appears in the latest issue of the Canadian Journal of Communication.

My story about Taproot Edmonton, a new project to enliven local journalism in Edmonton, appears in J-Source.

Both of these pieces raise questions about what journalists’ working lives will look like in the future.

For further reading & listening:

“As the ink fades,” by Jaren Kerr

“Women and newspapers,” on Canadaland


2 Replies to “Journalism futures”

  1. Enjoyed that Trish – I still enjoy reading a newspaper – even though technology is moving toward all “on line”.
    Take care – thanks for sharing…..A

  2. Hey Trish – will have to check those out. Hope you have a great Christmas Holiday – or will you be working through it all? All the best – Love ya – Aunt Alice & Uncle Jim

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