Reflecting upon Innis’s Canadian North

A piece I co-authored with Dr. William J. Buxton appears in an issue of Topia: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies dedicated to “Theory in a Cold Climate.”

The whole issue is not open access, though Dr. Peter C. van Wyck’s editor’s introduction — which gives a lovely sense of what drove the issue’s production, and how the pieces included come together — is easily available here.

Further links and readings:

Our (2014) article, Compiling knowledge, enacting space, binding time: Innis’s Canadian North (1928-1944)

Harold Innis and the North, edited by Dr. Buxton (2013)

Dr. van Wyck’s reflections upon a journey north, accompanied by Harold Innis’s journals: An emphatic geography: Notes on the ethical itinerary of landscape (2008)

Dr. Sherrill Grace’s key text, Canada and the Idea of North (2007)

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