covering the Royal Wedding via Twitter…

As part of its coverage of the Royal Wedding, Postmedia drew on the Twitter accounts of a team of reporters on the ground in London (including yours truly) and across Canada. You can find that “live chat” here. But here’s a round-up of my Twitter reportage, in chronological order, starting with a late-night blog post on April 28th, and picking up again from about 4:30 a.m. London time. My goals were to speak to as many Canadians as possible, and paint a picture of what it was like to be in London on the day of the Royal Wedding.
  • The hour-by-hour forecast for London Friday — fingers crossed no rain! #RoyalWedding
  • Telegraph headline: Kate waves goodbye to her life as a commoner #RoyalWedding
  • Sun headline, above pic of Kate and William, inset pic of Diana: Mum would be so proud #RoyalWedding
  • Vanloads of police moving up Northumberland Ave toward Trafalgar, helicopters overhead… #RoyalWedding
  • New Brunswick retiree Connie Carter is just two pple away from the front of the crowd on the Mall – and she didn’t have to sleep here!
  • Carter says she was drawn to #Royalwedding by heritage
  • Line of 25 at Cafe Express on the Mall; people are surprisingly chipper for 6 am! #RoyalWedding
  • “It’s like history,” Andrea Robb, wearing a Cdn flag, says of coming to the #RoyalWedding
  • She and mom Robin Robb, from Lakefield, Ont., have been on the Mall ssince 5-530 am – and should have a pretty great view of #RoyalWedding
  • “Anything is good, we can’t wait. All our friends are very envious back home,” Robin Robb says #RoyalWedding
  • It is BACKED UP trying to get to Buckingham Palace – in fact police are blocking the walk to Victoria Monument #RoyalWedding
  • Wrist bands needed to get through SouthAfrica gate at BuckinghamPalace… #RoyalWedding
  • Meanwhile crowd is cheering for everything that passes, including newscasters #RoyalWedding
  • Toronto couple Joey and Peter Kalata got here 6am, hoping to get thru crowded SouthAfrica gate – #RoyalWedding
  • “I just want to see the queen on the balcony waving,” says Peter Kalata. “It’s going to be a lot of fun here in England” #RoyalWedding
  • After some of the pushing and shoving at the gate, nice to meet people genuinely excited for the event – why come to #RoyalWedding angry?
  • Bruce Lockhart, from Dundas, Ont., got to Buckingham Palace with his wife Karen and friends at 330 am. Perfect view of balcony #RoyalWedding
  • Newfoundland Gate is viable entryway to Victoria Monument circle, if you’re in London – go through from Green Park tube stn #RoyalWedding
  • Dawn Zucchelli, from Van, found spot right in front of the balcony, too – this is her 1st live #RoyalWedding, watched Charles+Di on TV in 81
  • “It’s very exciting, it’s history, and it’s something that’s very happy, it’s a happy event,” Zucchelli says. #RoyalWedding
  • @jesspowless thank you! You should see some of the fabulous outfits and shoes people are wearing!
  • BBC cameraman kind enough to deliver Newfoundland mom and daughter straight in front of the palace at 630 am #RoyalWedding
  • “Whether you’re a monarchist or not…we need this,” Brenda Hunt-Stevenson of Harbour Grace, NF says of #RoyalWedding
  • @carycastagna thankfully not raining here so far! Grey skies and a little chilly tho… #RoyalWedding
  • While some have already broken into Pimms and wine, others are still trying to sleep on ground outside Buckingham Palace #RoyalWedding
  • Just met two teens from Bedford, UK wearing vintage wedding gowns, signs: “it should have been me” #RoyalWedding
  • Father to daughter: we’re not drinking any liquids. But you can have chocolate. #RoyalWedding #avoidingportapotties
  • People cheerily waving Union Jacks, making noise for vans believed to be carrying royals, and public works trucks. #RoyalWedding
  • (Yes, a few hours still from #RoyalWedding kiss, crowd getting a titch bored at Buckingham Palace)
  • Halifax women Carla Beyreis and Michelle Doucet promised each other 5 yrs ago they’d attend Prince William’s #RoyalWedding. Got here 2 am
  • “They’re a perfect match,” Beyreis says of Will and Kate. “We’re looking forward to see them reigning.” #RoyalWedding
  • People cheering sporadically and waving flags, but at 5’4″ it’s hard to tell whether it’s Will-related #RoyalWedding
  • After hrs waiting, people at Buckingham Palace are ready for something to happen #RoyalWedding
  • Organ music playing over speakers at Buckingham Palace #RoyalWedding
  • What has felt like a party much of the morning is quiet now with Abbey happenings laying soundtrack #RoyalWedding
  • People cheer as vows broadcast outside Buckingham Palace #RoyalWedding
  • 15-yr old Sydney Rossiter, from Ottawa, is waiting outside Buckingham Palace for the big kiss #RoyalWedding
  • “It’s awesome,” Rossiter said of the day. I’m so glad it hasn’t rained yet” #RoyalWedding
  • Children on their parents’ shoulders, waiting for Will and Kate to be on the balcony. Follow @sproudfoot for kiss deets #RoyalWedding
  • People at Buckingham Palace being allowed forward, to palace gates ahead of #RoyalWedding kiss
  • It looks like a sea of people sweeping up the Mall #RoyalWedding
  • Brenda Hunt-Stevenson, a NF woman who’s been at BPalace since 630am, says Will and Kate’s 2 kisses well worth wait #RoyalWedding
  • Also, crowds now slowly dispersing, leaving trash, paper flags and even mattresses in their wake #RoyalWedding
  • Photo gallery from my spot at Buckingham Palace today #RoyalWedding

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