There’s really nothing like the pressure of writing four essays in four weeks to get you thinking about innovative (but not so new) social media platforms. Today a colleague and I at POLIS were struggling to upload a document to the think tank’s web site when we — really, she — realized it would be much easier to create a Scribd account. So, here is the new POLIS Scribd account, which we’ll be populating over the next few weeks, and here is my new and totally empty (for now) account.

Something new….

On the weekend I spent a number of hours experimenting with online audio editing and posting platforms…. To be honest, I haven’t edited audio since I was in my third year of university at Carleton! But after some frustrating stops and starts I think I figured out a few tricks…. I’ll post the results when they are published. In the meantime, here is my new Audioboo profile and a very, very rough posting of audio from a recent trip to Malta.