March Salestaxphobia: Can we get over our unique aversion?


“Time for a sales tax?” is the whack-a-mole question of Alberta politics—one that pops up in the Legislature, in press scrums, in newspaper headlines. No matter how long it’s been since the last answer, the question won’t go away. …

18 February Jagmeet Singh takes same position as John Horgan in Kinder Morgan pipeline dispute

Speaking to National Observer as the party’s weekend policy convention was concluding in Ottawa on Sunday, Singh said that the $7.4-billion Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion needs a more thorough environmental assessment before construction. This lines up with a recent British Columbia proposal to do more scientific research before allowing a massive increase in oil exports on tankers shipping out the heavy crude from the Kinder Morgan project. …

12 February Rachel Notley moves to online warfare in Alberta’s battle with B.C.

Premier Rachel Notley is signalling that her government plans to accelerate its online warfare in support of a controversial pipeline project.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, Notley explained that this would drive home Alberta’s message in the “ongoing dispute that British Columbia has triggered with Alberta and with all Canadians.”

“Albertans (will) be able to engage with people in other parts of the country to help make our point around why this is so important for Canada, for the Canadian economy, for Canada’s environmental progress, for all these issues,” Notley told a press conference in Edmonton, Alta. …

10 February Christy Clark weighs in on B.C. and Alberta’s trade war

Christy Clark accused B.C. Premier John Horgan’s new government of “intentionally trying to frustrate” the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project on Saturday.

At the Manning Networking Conference in Ottawa, Clark delivered her first public speech since she resigned as premier of B.C. last year. Speaking to gathered conservatives, she emphasized the importance of oil pipelines and liquefied natural gas. …