6 September World’s climate scientists “park their canoes” for Montreal conference

Before it was called Montreal, this was a place where First Nations met. A large fire would be set to mark the upcoming meeting and people would “park their canoes and climb the mountain” to come to the big conference, Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Chief Christine Zachary-Deom told international delegates meeting in the city for a conference on climate change.

18 August How do we tell stories about climate science that reach everyone?

Part of National Observer‘s State of Journalism series, this interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dan Fagin discusses why some people don’t buy into climate change, what that means for media, and why U.S. reporters seem to love Canada’s prime minister. 

28 July Oilpatch wants Alberta to ease up on rules

CAPP’s latest efforts to get governments to rethink how they regulate the industry arrive at a particularly fraught time politically: in British Columbia, the recently evicted Liberals were quick to point a finger at Premier John Horgan’s incoming NDP government as at fault for the Petronas decision while, in Alberta, opposition Conservatives blame Premier Rachel Notley’s NDP government for slowing the province’s oil- and gas-driven economy with, for example, a new carbon tax and higher minimum wage.

21 July Jason Kenney’s year-long unite-the-right campaign to be tested in Alberta

… Tories interviewed by the National Observer have said they anticipate the unity vote will be successful, though some expressed doubts about whether taking down the NDP is enough of a policy for a new party intent on one day governing.